Concrete Valley and Grimshaw are developing an innovative system of modular water homes

In collaboration with Grimshaw, Concrete Valley developed modular water dwellings. In response to the increasing risks of climate change and the challenges posed by increasing urbanisation, the idea of floating water homes was born.

Responding to global changes and challenges

Due to the increasing risks of climate change and the challenges posed by increasing urbanisation, it is crucial that architects and designers respond to these concerns in different ways’. Says Jorrin ten Have, associate principal at Grimshaw. By addressing specific challenges for the current and future population, modular waterfront homes offer an affordable, sustainable and efficient alternative to safe and desirable housing. The homes are presented as a potential solution for high land values by offering affordable accommodation. The floating dwellings would reduce the risk of living in flood prone areas as rising temperatures melt the ice caps.

Modular water dwellings

Prefabricated in factories, the Modular Water Dwellings would be cheaper than ordinary houses with foundations and could be used to transform water fronts into new city districts. The Modular Water Homes contain standardized components that can be produced efficiently, while still allowing a variety of internal layouts to meet the personal needs of the residents. In addition, the dwellings can be oriented in different ways to best respond to the location, local conditions, light sources and views. In addition, they maximise the use of durable and non-rusting materials, including concrete and glass, ensuring a long life of the design.

The development of the concept brings together Grimshaw’s tradition of experimentation and design innovation with Concrete Valley’s expertise in the production of high quality, sustainable materials. Concrete Valley’s production facility is located along an important industrial waterway in the Netherlands, allowing the entire dwelling to be transported along the water’s edge. This eliminates the need for assembly on site and reduces the energy required for construction. Concrete Valley and Grimshaw have both committed to the production of prototypes to test and refine the concept, with the aim of marketing the modular water homes as a high-quality product available to everyone.