Concrete Valley is a partner of Qonstruct

Qonstruct is a unique partnership of renowned companies: Vic Obdam takes care of all aspects of steel construction, Concrete Valley does the same for concrete construction, while Mammoet has been involved as an expert in the field of transport, hoisting and assembly. By connecting these specialists, there is access to knowledge, experience, trust and facilities within the steel, concrete, facade, transport and assembly industries. With Qonstruct, an answer can be created with future-proof and reliable solutions for our customers.

Qonstruct designs, produces and assembles precast solutions for projects that need to be realised faster, more efficiently, more safely and with less risk. Because all possible problems and challenges are identified by the team in the preliminary phase, Qonstruct provides fully integrated solutions covering the main structure and facade.

Although precast construction is not a new phenomenon, it regularly entails limitations that makes it unsuitable for every project. The solution to this challenge is:


– Wherever possible, prefabricate the entire main structure to create speed on construction and improve the risk profile for people at the construction area.

– Combine and integrate materials so that one material will have multiple functions within the building and thus provide efficiency in material use.

– Make the building wind- and waterproof as soon as possible so that the deconstruction can begin. This determines the delivery date.

– Integrate columns into prefabricated façade elements and search for the combination of cores and façades to stabilize the buildings. Design freedom for floor layouts. This increases the revenue model by increasing the rental or saleable surface area.

– An integrated and coordinated solution for larger packages to eliminate losses and offsets.

– The prefabricated construction concept that does not allow itself to be dictated by a common material such as concrete.


By offering precast solutions, time on the construction site is reduced. Large modules can be assembled without scaffolding. This improves speed and safety on the construction site. By focusing on reducing the use of materials, introducing new construction methods, increasing the recyclability of steel and investigating applications of new and more sustainable materials, Qonstruct fulfils the sustainability and innovation ambitions of its customers.