GRCA Full membership for mbX

We are excited to announce that the GRCA has recognised mbX with full membership following approval that mbX is manufacturing in accordance with the standards of the GRCAs specification for GRC.

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association: GRCA

The GRCA, The International Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Association was established nearly 45 years ago and is based in the United Kingdom. It was the first trade organisation established for manufacturers of the GRC industry and representing them worldwide.

Full Member

Prior to achieving full member certification, mbX was assessed by an independent certification body on behalf of the GRCA. As part of the assessment, mbX had to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and resources in terms of facilities and personnel to consistently design and manufacture high quality GRC products in accordance with GRCA Full Member rules.

There is increasing demand throughout the UK and Europe for GRC products and specialised production companies in this space.  Our GRC manufacturing company mbX has been producing high-strength concrete products reinforced with glass fibre for many years and has been working towards becoming a full member of the GRCA.

Benefits of GRC

Elements made of glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) are lighter and thinner. GRC elements can be sprayed up to 12 mm thick. This saves on raw materials and a considerable weight reduction in both the element and the underlying construction.

  • No contour mould needed anymore;
  • Minimum panel thickness of 12 mm;
  • Higher bending strengths;
  • Low material content;
  • Weight reduction of approximately 60 per cent;
  • Large freedom of form;
  • Saving on the necessary rear structure due to lower weight.

The properties of GRC are interesting not only because of its great environmental benefits but also because it makes complex geometric shapes possible. The fact that the elements can be produced extremely thin and therefore lighter makes the material very suitable for projects where space-saving and weight are important factors. The material’s properties create great freedom of form. This makes the design possibilities endless.

Curious about the possibilities?

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Bjorn van Overveld

Bjorn van Overveld

Commercial Director mbX

mbX is specialist in high-performance concrete and glassfibre reinforced concrete.  With our knowledge and experience we can make the most complex forms and elements. Would you like to know wat we could do for your design? Please get in touch with us.