New entity for Concrete Valley

The model workshop used to be an integral part of Concrete Valley. On 1 March 2020, it became a separate entity, named Timber Structures B.V.

Timber Structures produces the moulds and models for the purpose of the concrete production. With modern machinery and large CNC machines, all complex models can be made within Concrete Valley. The craftsmanship within Timber Structures is of a high level and determines the quality of the end products we deliver.

The objective of Timber Structures is to manufacture all concrete moulds that require Waco, microbeton and mbX. By producing the required concrete moulds in-house, we are able to increase the quality and we are able to switch quickly in a planned way,’ says Sjoerd der Weduwe, manager of Timber Structures.

In the future, Timber Structures has the ambition to develop itself in the production of wood products. In the construction sector, wood accounts for an increasing share. In particular, sustainable and circular wood materials are going to take over in traditional building projects.

At Concrete Valley, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing the impact on the environment are very important. In addition, Concrete Valley and its companies are constantly looking for more sustainable materials and production methods. The establishment of Timber Structures therefore fits within the sustainability objectives of Concrete Valley.