New project! Large residential project in the UK

North Quay in Cornwall is being transformed into an exciting new coastal quarter for people to live, work, shop, eat, stay and enjoy the stunning waterside location. For the realisation of this large scale development project, Concrete Valley is going to produce various façade elements of glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC).

Hayle North Quay

Set within the striking scenery of the Hayle estuary the site benefits from World Heritage Status. This site has a beautiful sandy beach and a working harbour. Plans for the development include luxury homes, a mix of retail units, well designed open spaces. It also includes pedestrian-friendly streets, additional parking and the expansion of existing moorings; creating a desirable and comfortable destination for everyone to experience.


Concrete Valley will produce the façade elements of High-Performance concrete reinforced with glass fibre (GRC). The architectural facade elements will be situated at the ground level of various residential blocks. In total, Concrete Valley will produce 325 façade elements in the colours black and grey. As a finishing touch, the elements will be sandblasted. For this project, we will manufacture columns, wall bands and ceiling elements.


Concrete Valley was approached to assist in the switch from traditional precast concrete façade to GRC. The elements in GRC will therefore be lighter and thinner and more cost-effective! All the GRC elements are manufactured in our closed factory environment, ensuring quality and timely deliveries to the site.


Concrete Valley is no stranger to the UK; Supplying our facade elements for the new construction of various train stations and mixed-use projects. We produced 2400 GRC fins and façade panels for the new Paddington Station. For Farringdon Station, 6500 m2 of double-curved ceiling and façade elements.


mbX, a Concrete Valey company, is de producerende partij van de HPC gevelelementen. Sinds 2014 is mbX onderdeel van Concrete Valley. mbX is specialist in prefab elementen van hogesterktebeton en glasvezelversterkt beton. Door middel van unieke beton mixen, slimme engineering en flexibele mallen maken zij geometrisch complexe met beton mogelijk. mbX is een jong bedrijf met een frisse kijk op het gebruik van mallen en beton. Daarmee leveren ze een behoorlijke bijdrage in de realisatie van de meest uitdagende architectonische projecten. Daarnaast is mbX als producent betrokken bij meerdere project in Engeland. Zo heeft mbX gevel elementen geproduceerd voor het nieuwe Paddington Station en dubbel gekromde wandpanelen voor Farringdon Station.