Our Domain – the future of living

The area that once housed offices is now becoming a lively place to live. Young professionals, students and couples can now live, work and relax here. A total of 1500 appartments have been built and spread over three new buildings. microbeton produced lightweight balconies for one of these buildings.

Our Domain

Our Domain is a concept by Greystar, which was developed by Blauwhoed in the Holendrecht district of Amsterdam. Following extensive research, a total vision was developed with smaller rental apartments and studios that are equipped with all the conveniences. There are various services for residents to make their busy and sometimes irregular lives as comfortable as possible. There are facilities for fitness, working and a supermarket. There are also dedicated meeting places, washing facilities and a service area.

Own identity

Our Domain South East consists of three buildings, each with its own identity. The East House, for example, is a colourful building, designed for students and young professionals. The North House has a quiet vibe with a view of the park. The West House is a relaxing and vibrant place with several roof gardens. The residences are geared towards families, couples and professionals.

Lightweight balconies

microbeton produced 122 lightweight balconies with a raised edge for The West House. A special feature of this building was that the colour of the balconies needed to match the façade bands of the building so that it would radiate unity. The balconies were mounted on the steel consoles with the upright edge pointing downwards. The ceilings were made on site

Producing party

Subsidiary microbeton is responsible for the production of the lightweight balconies. microbeton is a specialist in ferrocement, making lightweight elements. On average, the elements of microbeton are 70% lighter than elements of traditional concrete. This makes the products suitable for projects where weight is a limiting factor. microbeton produces balconies as well as facade elements. Projects include the Arnhems Huis, Spaarnelicht and the Radboud University.

Leon Kolster

Leon Kolster

Commercial Director microbeton

microbeton is specialist in ferrocement, makers of lightweight elements. In comparison to traditional concrete, we can produce our elements up to 70 per cent lighter. Do you have any questions about our products? We are eager to share our thoughts on the designs and look for the best solution. Get in touch with us