Arnhem train station requires a façade update, following a recent decision to update the stations image. mbX originally supplied the first façade in 2013 and will produce the new high performance
Concrete façade elements for the fresh new look.

first project for mbx 

The production of the façade elements and roof panels for Arnhem’s new public transport terminal was mbX’s first project. mbX produced a total of 1600 unique double-curved façade elements and roof panels. This production was based on an impressive design by UNStudio. The double-curved precast elements were produced using a special concrete mix and flexible moulds. Re-use of the moulds resulted in higher efficiency and lower costs for the project. So there were profits on both sides! All unique elements together form a vaulted roof. This project has been rewarded with several awards such as the Dutch Concrete Award in 2015 and the European Concrete Award in 2016.
Of course, we are very proud of these accolades too!


During the official opening of Arnhem Station on 19 November 2015, it was given the name Arnhem Centraal. Immediately after the official name change, the municipality of Arnhem announced its intention to express the addition ‘Centraal’ also on the facade of the Station Hall. Subsequently, there was much uncertainty about the name change. This will happen in 2021. The facade elements with the name indicates will be replaced by new facade elements with the name Arnhem Centraal.


mbX was pleased to become involved again with the façade requirements at Arnhem station. As of 2013, mbX became involved as a specialist manufacturer in producing the replacement facade elements. mbX is a specialist manufacturer of high-strength concrete, glass fibre reinforced concrete and architectural concrete. Also, mbX makes façade elements in the most complex forms. It is therefore particularly valuable that the cooperation from 2013 was experienced as positive and that we can get down to work again to update the stations image.