Mall of the Netherlands

Bespoke façade elements for the largest and most impressive shopping mall in the Netherlands.

  • clientUnibail Rodamco Westfield
  • architectMVSA Architecten
  • contractorBallast Nedam
  • Facade SpecialistTGM
  • enterpriseConcrete Valley ltd.

Concrete Valley were brought in as HPC facade specialists to work on the development of a truly eye-catching shopping mall on the outskirts of The Hague in the Netherlands. Adopting a consultative approach, our experts worked with the design team to create a mock-up of the façade and it’s folding curved awning at our facility in the Netherlands. This enabled the contractor to confirm that the curved elements would meet the stringent project requirements, both in terms of structural performance and the all-important aesthetics.

Concrete Valley’s design engineers specified a bespoke HPC mix that incorporated white titanium oxide as one of its ingredients. This would mean the double-curved precast concrete elements would be light-weight, thin (only 40mm thick) and incredibly strong and durable. This specialist expertise meant we could also manufacture the precast façade elements for the hugely impressive 12-metre cantilevered projection over the main entrance.

Covering a total of 10,000m2, the swooping curves and subtle undulating contours meant that the double-curved HPC façade elements were each of a unique shape and size. Rather than creating individual moulds for every panel that was required, the innovative team at Concrete Valley created some re-usable flexible moulds instead. By combining sophisticated 3D engineering, a state-of-the-art CAD system, innovative milling techniques and decades of experience, the Concrete Valley team were able to manufacture each component to the highest of standards.


  • 10,000m2 of façade elements
  • Special HPC mix for high performance and aesthetics


  • Client: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
  • Architect: MVSA Roberto Meyer, Charlotte Griffioen, Mark Ohm
  • Contractor: Ballast-Nedam
  • Facade Contractor: TGM
  • Constructor: VeriCon


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