The Doors

Green balconies in harmony with the city!

  • clientEdwin Oostmeijer en Van der Leij Bouwbedrijven
  • architectSpace Encounters
  • enterpriseFerrocem & Microbeton

A unique building project by Space Encounters in Amsterdam that focuses on ‘green’ living and working environments. Microbeton produced durable, lightweight balconies with integrated planters, especially for this project commissioned by Edwin Oostmeijer and Van der Leij Bouwbedrijven.


A beautiful collaboration with a positive impact on the city and its people: creating sustainable and healthy living environments.A vision we incorporate into our balconies. That way, we jointly contribute to a greener future and a better living environment for everyone!
From 2024, Microbeton’s balcony solutions will be produced by Ferrocem (part of the Concrete Valley Group).


Nominated by Architectenweb Awards 2023 in the Residential Building of the Year 2023 category.

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