The Mayor

Balconies and prefabricated elements

  • clientM.J. de Nijs Project III B.V
  • architectArchitectural firm Marcel van der Schalk
  • contractorPieters Bouwtechniek
  • enterpriseMicrobeton

The Mayor in Amstelveen is the largest transformation project in the Netherlands.From an old 1980s KPMG building to a luxury residential building with international allure. The previously connected buildings were disconnected during the transformation to create eight residential buildings with very luxurious penthouses, flats and park villas.


Microbeton manufactured lightweight balconies and facade elements for this project. Our slim balconies seamlessly blend in with the design of The Mayor. Lightweight is ideally suited for transformation projects due to cost savings on materials and logistics, among other things.
In addition, the weight allows an existing, small, traditional balcony to be replaced by a much larger, lightweight balcony.Something that contributes enormously to more living space and a more pleasant and better living environment in expensive cities.
The elements include canopies, walkways, stairs, landings, plinths and facade elements.

From 2024, Microbeton balcony solutions will be manufactured by Ferrocem (part of the Concrete Valley Group).

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