• clientDUWO
  • architectMEI architects and planners
  • contractorBam Wonen bv – Speciale projecten
  • Facade SpecialistBAM Advies & Engineering

Sluisbuurt (Plot 6B2) consists of a low-rise section and two high-rise towers. With its unique facade, this ‘home’ themed complex will have 525 studio flats for students. This theme is reflected in the various pictograms mbX incorporated into the facade.Commissioned by MEI architects, renowned designer and illustrator Stang Gubbels designed the pictograms, such as a fishbowl and a cat on the couch. mbX incorporated these pictograms as reliefs in thin facade panels.
The low-rise is decorated with protruding column elements and recessed flat panels and consists of two sections, each with its own colour. The elements in the low-rise have a smooth finish.

The high-rise consists of a red and a yellow tower.Like the low-rise, both towers will be decorated with column elements and flat panels. In the red tower, the flat elements will feature various reliefs that will lie 15 mm on top of the elements, while in the yellow tower, the column elements will feature the reliefs. In both towers, the column elements will have a smooth finish, and the flat elements will be sandblasted.

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