Wageningen Universiteit & Research

  • clientWageningen Universiteit & Research
  • architectLIAG Architecten
  • contractorBerghege heerkens bouwgroep
  • enterprisembX

With student numbers rising, Wageningen University needed a new education building: Aurora. The building has five floors for education and research, a technology floor on the roof and a half-sunken bicycle storage facility. The new building would have to enable WUR to serve around 15,500 students in 2021. LIAG Architects won the tender, not only because the architectural firm managed to realise a flexible design but also because they cater to the university’s identity. An educational institution that focuses on: ‘Exploring the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’.

The sloping facade elements are a special feature of the building. The elements, made of high-strength concrete, are embossed with abstract plant motifs that give the building a unique look. The concrete elements continue into the interior atrium. This further emphasises the important connection between inside and outside. Furthermore, they provide shade on the facade, reducing the heat load inside the building.

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